Langley Mill Academy

Langley Mill Academy

Langley Mill Academy


The adults in our class are:

Mrs Beighton,  Mr Hill and Ms Clark

5MB have PE on Monday and Tuesdays every week.

This work this term is about the Mayans.  We will find out about this ancient civilisation and how their culture has shaped our modern day lives-in the form of chocolate!

On 7th June, The Kandy Factory visited Langley Mill Academy to teach Year 5 about how chocolate was developed and produced over time.  The children had a fantastic day learning the history and creating their own chocolaty delights. 


Information about how chocolate is manufactured


Art and music Day was also linked to the Mayans; it was a very busy day!  The children explored traditional musical instruments as well as creating death masks, collages of gods and jewellery making.




The children should know all their times tables up to 12 x 12 to enable to be successful in other areas of mathematics.   Each week the children are given a test with the objective to beat their score from the previous week.

Below are two games which will help to learn them at home.




Each week the children will be given a set of spellings to learn and there will be test on a Wednesday.