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The 4WW team includes: Miss Wainman and Mrs waite.


Wow! What an exciting day it was Friday 16th March 2018! The school was full of Tudors!

Over the course of the day in Year 4 we had loads of fun and made some interesting artefacts.

We learnt to sew like a Tudor and made a Tudor pouch, some stunning stain glass windows and did some very detailed drawings in a Tudor style!

Here are some photos of our day.



We are starting a new terribly exciting topic next half term: 'The Terrible Tudors'

Here's what to expect:

The overall question that we shall be working towards answering is: ‘What happened to Britain during the reformation?’

These sub-questions (or challenges), delivered to the children each week, will build up their skills, knowledge and understanding in order to help them consider the overall question:

Challenge 1

What was life like at the start of the Tudor period? (History – importance of church life and rules, land ownership)

Challenge 2

Why did Henry VIII break with Rome? (History – Tudor family tree, Henry VIII and his wives)

Challenge 3 

How do people express their faith through art?

Challenge 4

How was art used to convey messages during this time? (Art – changing styles, drawing/sketching of famous masterpieces and calligraphy in the style of Monasteries)

Challenge 5

How was life different at the end of the Tudor period? (History – did the reformation change life for ordinary Tudor people?

Challenge 6

Can we use Tudor designs to make a sewn container? (DT – stitching, joining and sewing money container or Tudor container for other purposes)


Image result for my friend walterImage result for the prince the cook and the cunning king

There are two intriguing books to read this half term both of which will fit in brilliantly with our Tudor topic. 'My Friend Walter' is a thrilling tale, with a ghostly twist, about Sir Walter Raleigh by Michael Morpurgo and 'The Prince, the Cook and the Cunning King' is a humorous story, based in fact, by Terry Deary (he's the one who wrote horrible histories). They are both fantastic reads and will provide a brilliant starting point for us to continue working on our writing skills. Also, we will keep on working on our grammar and spellings.

As well as all our exciting writing work, we will be doing reading rocks every Monday to improve our comprehension skills. This is a fun and exciting way to delve into a book and explore what the characters feel and think, allowing us to get even more enjoyment out of every page.


Look our for our tri-weekly maths newsletter - it keeps you up-to-date with the latest units of work that your child is studying, and gives you helpful tips on how you can help at home.

This term, we'll be exploring place value, formal methods of addition, subtraction,  multiplication and division, all whilst investigating graphs, decimals and place value (it sounds hefty, but don't worry - 4WW are awesome at maths and our lessons are fun!).


Times Tables

The Year 4 teachers are relentless when it comes to times tables. We want to be the fastest year group in the school to respond to times table questions.  

Please help your child to learn all the times tables up to 12 x 12 by asking them questions at home (just throw in a "What's 7 x 5?" whilst you're cooking tea; or a "What's 9 x 4"? on the school run...).

Here are a few websites that the children are familiar with that they can access from home to help them learn their times tables: 

Hit the Button 

Espresso (Your child should know the login details - if not, come and see us.)

Daily 10


Other Info...


Every Wednesday morning - please ensure your child brings their Swimming Kit to school. 


The Year 4 curriculum continues to be enriched with ukulele practise every Wednesday afternoon.


In addition to swimming, Year 4 will have a P.E lesson every week - please ensure that their full PE kit is in school every week. It can be taken home to be washed at the weekend or at the end of each term.


The children take a reading book home every night. They must read at home to an adult and have their reading record signed at least twice per week. 


Topic homework is set as a project at the beginning of each term. It is due in just before the end of the term so that the whole class can celebrate their homework together. You will find the information about this in the letter that was sent home (if this has been misplaced, you can find it here).

Maths and spelling homework will be sent home every Tuesday and will be due in the following Tuesday.