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Resources For Home Learning

Please read our parents' guide for home learning here.


 If you are having to stay at home for a while here is your work.  We would expect you to spend approximately four hours a day learning at home:

  • Read something every day– your reading book, a magazine, a favourite book from home, a book on line at using lmaclassname as your log on and lmaread as the password e.g. lmayork, lmaread (lma starts with an L not an I)


  • Practise your times tables – either make flash cards, play games on line with games like hit the button or chant them round the house etc.  Times tables underpin a lot of our maths work.
  • Take part in physical activity (keeping to guidelines and keeping yourself safe). This could be some time in your garden or taking part in activities on lines such as Cosmic Yoga or Joe Wicks 5 minute workouts.
  • Take part in lessons from Oak National Academy for English and Maths. If you follow this link, then click on your year group and take part in the English and Maths lesson for that day.  
  • After English and maths check on dojo as your class teacher will have sent you links to your topic and science lessons.  Further information about our topics can be found below. 

Year 3 - Anglo Saxons and Vikings - LMA Invaders Page 1    LMA Invaders Page 2    Espresso Anglo Saxons   Espresso Vikings 

Year 4 - Romans - Oak Romans     Espresso Romans  LMA Romans Page 1   LMA Romans Page 2

 Year 5 - Ancient Greece - Oak Ancient Greece  LMA Page 1 LMA Page 2   

Year 6 - Britain in World War Two - LMA Page 1  LMA Page 2  Espresso WWII

  • Check your class dojo for homework and spellings.  Send in all your work via your portfolio to your teacher for them to respond to and support you.  
  • If you need paper copies please contact school via 

You may want to make a timetable - an example may be:

Reading -

20 minutes

English from 

Oak National

Academy - 40 mins

Physical Activity

30 minutes

Maths from Oak National Academy - 40 mins Free time



Times tables

20 minutes

Topic work, including practical activities 1hour Physical Activity 30 mins

 Please contact the class teacher, Mr Bland or Mrs Walters  to support you with learning at home and for further guidance and advice including any specific support for your child and their individual needs. 

If a whole class or year group were to be working at home all your daily lessons will be on class dojo.  Further guidance will be given at that time.