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Year 5


Our Year 5 Team: Mrs Beighton, Miss Budge and Mrs Green.

Children have until Friday 8th March to complete their creative projects where they show their understanding of a biome. Suggestions for this include:


- Create a textured painting

- Create a work of art outside using natural materials and take a photograph as evidence

- Use recycled materials to create a scene e.g. shoebox 

Home Learning

Children will continue to receive maths and spelling homework on a weekly basis. All children are expected to have completed a minimum of three sessions of reading per week at home. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to support children with their learning by asking questions and opening a discussion in response to what your child has read. Children are welcome to attend our school homework club on a Thursday lunchtime if they wish to receive extra support with this.


As a year group, we will continue to study "There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom" by Louis Sacher. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the novel so far and it has provided plenty of opportunities for discussion. Both classes also have a class text which we read purely for enjoyment.

Children will also continue to read a book from the colour of band that they working on. We will continue to encourage children to read a wide range of genres. In year 5, it is essential that children can discuss and analyse what they have read.


In writing this term, we will be specifically looking at aiming to secure individual targets discussed during parent interviews as well as ensuring children continue to proof-read what they have written to ensure that when we have drafted, edited and produced our final copy of our writing that it is something to really be proud of.


Following the Busy Ants scheme, we will start this half term by continuing to work on unit 6. This unit will see us learning to add and subtract with fractions then we will be converting between different units of lengths.

Unit 7 - Decimals, addition and subtraction then statistics.

Unit 8 - Multiplication and division, percentages then perimeter and area.


Our topic this half term is Biomes. During this topic, we will be answering the following learning challenges:

Thank you for your continuous support,

The Year 5 Team