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Langley Mill Academy

Children at Langley Mill Academy are provided with a variety of experiences and learning opportunities to develop their French language skills from the moment they start with us in Year 3, through to the end of Year 6. This allows each and every child to make substantial progress in one language, in line with the current National Curriculum guidance. We focus on making language learning fun and interactive through songs, stories and role play; giving children a wide array of opportunities that promote development of their speaking and listening skills, as well as reading and writing skills. 


Whole School long term plan:

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2


(All about me)

Jeux et chansons

(Games and songs)

On fait le fete




Les quatre amis

(The four friends)

Ca pousse

(Growing things)


On y va

(All aboard)

L'argent de poche

(Pocket money)

Raconte-moi une histoire!

(Tell me a story!)

Vive le sport!

(Our sporting lives)

Le Carnaval des animaux

(Carnival of the animals)

Quel temps fait-il?

(What's the weather like?)


Bon appetit!

(Enjoy your meal!)

Je suis le musicien

(I am the Music Man)

En route pour l'ecole

(On our way to school)

Scene de plage

(Beach scene)

Les quatre saisons

(The four seasons)


Les planetes

(The planets)


Notre ecole

(Our school)

Notre monde

(Our world)

Monter un cafe

(Creating a cafe)

Le passe et le present

(Then and now)

Au parc d'attractions

(At the theme park)

Quoi de neuf?

(What's in the news?) 


We use the scheme La Jolie Ronde to support our teaching of languages.

The link below is for a fun and interactive website with lots of games, songs and videos to help all language learners!