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Discovery without limits ...

At Langley Mill Academy we believe that well-planned, imaginative and practical science lessons stimulate a child’s curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do.


                        (Year 3 - Classifying Materials)        (Year 3 - Exploring how fossils are made)


In our lessons:

  • Children are encouraged to enquire, explore and observe.
  • Lessons are planned to develop all children's scientific skills.
  • Children are encouraged to ask questions and pose problems about themselves and their environment.
  • Children are investigating and experimenting. 
  • Children record their findings in a variety of ways as accurately as possible so that they can communicate them to others.
  • Children suggest conclusions/answers to their findings and pose further questions for investigations.

Our scheme of work

Currently, we are following the 2014 Curriculum to teach science.  We have begun to use the Developing Experts science scheme in order to enhance our teaching of science with real-life investigations. The scheme ensures full coverage of the curriculum, and provides teachers with a number of investigations to develop children's knowledge and vocabulary alongside their scientific skills.

Lessons include a Mission Starter to Engage and set out the Mission Objective, the Story to Explore and Explain, Mission Assignment to Elaborate and a Mission Log to Evaluate.

Each lesson has an Expert Film from a scientist, a number of Rocket Words which children must know the meaning of, a recap on previous lessons to ensure stickability and one of the children's favourites - the song!


Science Long Term Plan