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Welcome to 3RA!

We are Miss Armstrong (Class Teacher), Miss Parkin (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Ault (Teaching Assistant). 

We hope you have had a lovely Easter and are ready to continue your learning journey with us here at Langley Mill Academy. 

Take a look below at the curriculum we will be covering this term.




English: Poetry, reports and persuasive texts.

The children will be accessing a variety of poetry books and analysing their different features. In particular, we will be referencing poets such as Benjamin Zephaniah and Michael Rosen.

The children will also be reading varied reports and persuasive texts, again analysing features and general layouts in order to write their own draft copy. This will then be edited and improved creating a final masterpiece they can be proud of! 

The children will continue to develop their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills, and will gain experience of working with a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres through reading rocks.


 Maths: Multiplication and division, fractions and measurement of volume and capacity.

In Maths, we will continue to follow the Busy Ant maths scheme – look out for the tri-weekly newsletter that your child brings home to keep you up-to-date with what they are learning about.


Topic: Luscious Langley Mill     

 During this unit, we will be using a variety of sources and media to answer the following questions:



These questions will contribute to answering the big question: How has Langley Mill changed over time?



Year 3 will be expected to complete two pieces of homework each week. It will be sent home every Friday and will need to be returned the following Friday. 

It will consist of one piece of Maths, linked to the unit covered that week, and one spelling list. The spellings will be taken from the National Curriculum for Year 3 and often words using the sound studied that week in Phonics. 


3RA's PE days are Thursdays and Fridays. Each child will need the relevant clothing for PE each week. We will begin this term with tag-rugby. 




If you have any queries or concerns for your child and their education, or would just like a general chat then do not hesitate to catch me (Miss Armstrong) at the end of the school day outside on the playground. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at the office.  

Year 3 look forward to a fun-filled term!