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Sustainability Team

The Langley Mill Academy Sustainability Team hold regular meetings in school where they discuss the importance of caring for the environment.

The Sustainability Team strongly feels that caring for the environment is important to secure a future for  our planet and the people who live on it.  The team believe our planet is a beautiful place which needs protecting and preserving and if we can take small steps towards this, we can begin to make a big difference. They often discuss the oceans and ocean wildlife and how our actions now can help protect these. We recognise, at the start of the school year,  that there is 'No Planet B'. 

The Sustainability Team discuss the actions we, as a school, can take and the ways that we can involve the whole community in our goal of protecting our planet and teaching others about how to live more 'sustainably'. 

We are particularly proud of the opportunities offered to our Sustainability Team members, including last year's visit to The Eden Project, collaboration with Nottingham Trent University and enrichment activities through the 'Djanogly Dozen' such as growing your own food. 

This year's goals: Sustainability in action

So far in 2023-2024, The Sustainability Team have achieved the following:

  • Attended a Sustainability Conference at Nottingham Trent University to inform action planning and collaborate with other schools. 
  • Organised the 'Big Switch Off' and extended the campaign into each home in our school's community to save energy in the winter months.
  • Promoted and recorded data from a 'Travel Smart' campaign with Derbyshire County Council.
  • Used findings from 'Travel Smart' to support the purchase of scooter and bike racks for the school site so that all pupils have the option of coming to school by scooter or bike and reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions from cars. 
  • Presented information about healthy lifestyles and how to 'commute' to school. 
  • Completed litter picks in the school grounds and the local community (which they aim to do termly). 
  • Planned and designed the 'Big Grow 2024' providing all pupils with a bean seed, compost and a pot to germinate at home and grow 'sustainable food', whilst also educating all pupils about 'Food Miles' and raising awareness of where our food comes from. 
  • Supported the development of a 'Sustainability Curriculum Thread' including the purchase of books for a bespoke library section.