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Langley Mill Academy

Our Cultural Capital

We recognise our shared school values define our pupils beyond their time at Langley Mill. They shape our children's futures. Our curriculum provides, and continues to be developed, to secure the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens so that they celebrate and embrace the different backgrounds, heritage, language and traditions of all the children living in this country.

Values underpin our learning behaviours and flow through our curriculum. They identify us as a team and unite us in a shared vision.  

Respect - for ourselves and others in all we say and do

Confidence - to believe in ourselves and make a positive contribution to our community

Determination - to overcome obstacles and reach success

Enthusiasm - to seek opportunity, find positives and pursue talents and interests

Aspiration - to dream big and be prepared to work hard to be successful

Kindness - to help and support others, and empathise with those experiencing challenges

As our context is predominantly White British, our curriculum promotes the rich diversity of Britain, including an appreciation of Langley Mill’s locality and history. We carefully choose the literature we expose the children to so that we can plan for purposeful opportunities to learn important knowledge of British values, history, mental health, well-being, equality and citizenship, developing our pupils’ cultural capital. 

English provides the knowledge, skills and values that pupils need to take advantage of the learning opportunities, responsibilities and experiences offered by our whole curriculum, as well as in further education & later life, therefore providing & equipping the 44% of pupils who come from disadvantaged backgrounds with access to all future opportunities.

When designing our curriculum, books spines & reading themes we ensured it would: 

  • Build  knowledge to promote comprehension and  learning of new facts & concepts.
  • Be vocabulary rich to access high quality texts and improve speech and language. 
  • Be experiential to provide access to all pupils.  
  • Be empowering to raise confidence & aspiration. 
  • Be meaningful to give learning a purpose that prepares pupils to be compassionate citizens of our world. 

To prepare our children for life beyond Langley Mill Academy we have incorporated these values into three curriculum themes which are:

Values: The world we come from, our country's history and the development of British Values. 

Journeys: The world around us, its climate, cultures, diversity & wonder. 

Changes: How our world has changed throughout history as civilisations grew; our local community, its history and the huge changes that occurred here during the Industrial Revolution & post industrial decline. 


We teach these three themes so that we:

  • Embed essential  knowledge through experiences  so that pupils become educated citizens. 
  • Expand vocabulary through a rich and varied reading curriculum introducing children to the best that has been thought and written. 
  • Capture imaginations and develop an appreciation of human creativity and achievement