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Gregg Cup Semi-Final

Gregg Cup Match report 18th November 2021. 

Marlpool Juniors Vs Langley Mill Academy

Reporters Dominic and Alfie. 


"Football is a three part game, you win that, you win it all."

Warm Up - We started off with a year 9's help who won when he played.  he helped with stretches and explained the drills. 

Team Talk - Before the game Mr Blake gave us some motivational talk.  He said "Whatever happens if we win or we loose, if you can come off and say to me 'I tried my best' I will be happy." 

1st Half - The game got started by Marlpool but they quickly lost possession. Alfie played a through ball to Declan and he slotted it away.  Woooooooohhhhhh! Harrison gave away a penalty but fortunately the taker missed by a slim centimetre.   Wills put in a brilliant corner and in great fashion Declan put it neatly away 2-0! Soon after, they equalised but in the Langley Mill fashion we came back to 4-2 because of Jack who scored two amazing goals. 

2nd Half - But soon Marlpool scored 1 then another and another, but, when Jenson was through on goal a Marlpool player fouled him.  Alfie bravely stepped up to take the penalty and slotted it in the bottom right.  5-5 full time. 

Penalty Shootout:

1st Aflie - bottom left, 1-0

2nd Declan - top right, 2-1

3rd Jenson - through the keeper's legs, 3-1

4th Wills - just over the bar, 3-2

5th Ellis - middle right, 4-3