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Tales From the Kitchen Table - Week 2

This week we have two reports from two of our pupils about what it is like learning at home at the moment.  Thank you to our two guest stars! 

Hi, I’m Alexander and I’m 9.  Because of Covid, I’m home schooling so this is what it’s like.   So I get up about 7.20am and then go downstairs and have my honey hoops.   Once they’re finished I go and brush my teeth and get dressed.  I go downstairs to do a bit of gaming before school (which starts at 9.00am at my house).  I then do some White Rose without hesitating. I normally then go to do 6x tables and I normally smash my record and do some RE or Guided reading.  After that, I have a little break and then do one final thing.  Then I’ve been dismissed for the day!

The things I like about is that I ACTUALLY get some peace and quiet to work in, wear whatever I like and not have strict style rules.  I can fuss Robbie any time, too!  He’s my dog if you didn’t know.  It doesn’t matter about rain either! While I work I have a nice view out of the window!

Even though I do miss my friends and teacher and teaching assistants, too!  But worst of all, because of winter, the garden is unavailable….

…So you’ve heard and read everything now so it is fair to say….

….The End!


We don’t have a kitchen table so mine is a tale from the living room.  It’s very different this time around.  It was scary with all of the rise in cases around Christmas and worrying about isolating if a case was found in our bubble. It’s fine being at home (for now!) but we are missing our friends.

We get up (very) early and start the day with PE with Joe.  Next, Mum sends work to our phones, but we usually do maths on the iPad as it has a bigger screen.  Then we do English and reading.  We usually work until lunch then have a break until 1pm from 12 o’clock.  Then we look at the science or geography work, which includes drawing and diagrams.  At the end of the day we shill, eat snacks, play Minecraft and watch YouTube.  I like to read my own books and my brother likes to draw.