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Tales From the Kitchen Table - Week 3

This week we hear from some of our year four pupils who are still working in school.  For those of you at home it must be strange to think of some people still being in school but we do have some children still coming into the building.  Several members of staff are in school too - some every day, and some in different days or weeks.  The school day is the same as it was for us all before Christmas and the children in school have the same lessons as those at home.  Here are some reflections from some of our critical worker children:


When I wake up I get dressed, brush my teeth and get ready for the day.  Everyday, I am still in school – I always do my work and the lessons are the same, as they were before.  I love coming to school because we learn and I get to see my friends and play football.  I love seeing my teachers and although it has been strange in lockdown because school is a bit different and there are far fewer children here I still have fun.  I have seen friends and I am working hard.

I am Amelia and I am 9.  When my mum told me school was closing again I was very sad.  I was also sad because I wouldn’t see my friends.    In the morning I don’t like waking up that early because my sister gets to sleep in later!  At school on my first day I was happy but worried because I did not know what to do but I was happy to see my friends.  It is the same as usual really in school, with PE, topic, English and maths and we get to hear our story every day.   Sometimes when I get home I do bit more work. 

Hi, I’m Sylvie and I am in year 4.  I love school so when I heard it was closing I was so sad, but since my mum is a keyworker I was lucky and was allowed in school.  Everyday I wake up fairly early about 7am.  It’s quite annoying that my sister (who is in high school) gets to lie in. Anyways my first day at school was spectacular.  Even though I wasn’t with my normal teacher, Mrs Abergel, it is still amazing.  Like always we start with maths, then English, reading and topic.  It was all about the Day the Crayons Quit. I have really enjoyed doing some of the quizzes like Geo Guesser.  There aren’t many differences between ordinary school and school now other than there are fewer children and we have PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Thank you to all our year 4 in school group who have given us a small glimpse into school life at the moment.