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Tales From the Kitchen Table - Week 4

This week we hear from Ms Hathaway who is our Executive Headteacher.  


“Who’s had my charger?”

“Where’s the lead for my laptop?”

“You’re on mute!”

 “Mum! The internet’s gone off again!”

I hear these almost daily in my house at the moment. Nobody asks me where their school shoes are anymore. Nobody asks me for dinner money. Nobody leaves the house.

What a strange year 2021 has been already. At my house, we have all had to adapt to new ways of working just like in all households throughout the country. Some days everything works fine. Some days the internet just won’t work and some days we all feel that we just don’t want to work either!

Despite all of this though, we have enjoyed being in the house together. We play a lot of board games together and I am pleased to say that I am the family Scrabble champion. Although, I’m not quite as good as my son at UNO…yet! We are also really lucky that we are quite a musical family and so a lot of our time has been spent playing music together which we have all enjoyed.

Our main hobby is food and cooking. Over the past year we have tried lots of new recipes and discovered lots of new food that we like. Some weekends we have a ‘theme’ night. So for example last weekend we had a ‘fake-away’ weekend – that’s right – FAKE-away. We cooked our own home made takeaway type meals from a recipe book. Curry one night and Chinese Stir Fry the next. We also had a British Pub Classic weekend a few weeks ago. We tucked into lasagne one night and chicken and chips the next. Luckily for us, we have also started doing more exercise. Both of my children have enjoyed learning to run during lockdown and have now become very competitive with each other over who can run the fastest 5K! I can’t compete with that and will stick to walking round the local area.

So although the internet is sometimes slow and although the laptop charger mysteriously disappears sometimes, lockdown hasn’t been all bad. I have enjoyed learning how to Zoom, and enjoyed quizzing with my family in Wales and certainly enjoyed some yummy new recipes. However, I still miss the shrieks and laughing of the children in the playground and the buzz of a busy classroom learning and I can’t wait to see you all back at school soon! So stay safe and make sure you continue to ‘live, laugh and learn!’