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Tales from the Kitchen Table - Returning to School

It was good to have a break during half term and although there wasn't anything other than our daily exercise to do it was good doing it in daylight and be able to have a break from learning - both in school and at home.  Then in the blink of eye half term was over and we were back round the kitchen table learning year 1 and year 8 work.  Then the government announced we would be able to open fully from the 8th and plans began to get school ready for you all.  

I had mixed feelings about the ending of home learning for my children as it has been nice to spend time together, but I do know it isn't the same as them being in school.  My little girl packed her book bag last night with still a weekend in between as she is so excited to be returning and I wonder how many of you will spend the weekend preparing?   We talked through any worries or concerns but the excitement of being with friends again, being back in a routine and not having mum and dad as teacher far outweighed any nervousness.  But, just like our school, I know that if she does worry, or need any support the adults in school will be there for her.  

This week the staff have worked so hard to prepare school for your return and we CANNOT wait to open the doors on Monday morning to you all. 

See you there.

Mrs Walters