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Tales from the Kitchen Table week 5

This week we hear from Layla and Nicole about their time working from home.

Hi, I am sat writing this at my dining table.  Well, this time around it is slightly different because the weather is not as nice as it was the last lockdown.  I was outside a lot more then.  At least we got some snow this time though and we had run playing in it and building a snowman.

I like being able to see my pets more while I’m at home and I like it that I can wear my normal clothes.  I enjoy doing the topic work and the English, and especially doing drawings.  I miss actually being in school and seeing my friends though. 

I like to play on my keyboard whenever I can and ride on my skateboard or scooter, up and down the street.  My sister and I help our mum cook meals and we do baking sometimes too.  It will be nice when we can see our grandparents again though and go out for tea.