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Langley Mill Academy

Behaviour In School

We have refreshed our school values and have been learning to sign. These values underpin the behaviours we expect and celebrate in all we do. They run through every single member of our Langley Mill School community and we believe they are essential qualities which will make us a happy and successful team.

Our next job as a team is to re-write our Behaviour for Learning Policy to reflect the next steps on our school journey.

We continue to have a zero tolerance policy towards behaviours which upset or disrespect any member of our community. Poor choices will come with consequences. This will also include: opportunity and support to reflect on, learn from, and put right, disruptive and unacceptable choices.

Our Values

At Langley Mill Academy we value:


Respect - for ourselves and others in all we say and do

Confidence - to believe in ourselves and make a positive contribution to our community

Determination - to overcome obstacles and reach success

Enthusiasm - to seek opportunity, find positives and pursue talents and interests

Aspiration - to dream big and be prepared to work hard to be successful

Kindness - to help and support others, and empathise with those experiencing challenges


These values underpin our learning behaviours and flow through our curriculum. They identify us as a team and unite us in a shared vision. Our motto is: Live, Laugh, Learn – living life to the fullest through learning together as a community.


Welcome to our community!

Behaviour and Wellbeing Policy